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“Humanoid Robotics” at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Humanoide Robotik an der Beuth Hochschule

07.05.2018 | Build your own robot, teach it behaviors, and allow it to become increasingly autonomous – the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin offers the nationwide unique "Humanoid Robotics" degree program for the first time.

Students can still register for the 2018/19 winter semester by July 15.

The program advisor is none other than Brain City Berlin Ambassador Prof. Dr. Manfred Hild. He explains what role humanoid robots will play in the future and how interdisciplinary the "Humanoid Robotics" degree program is.

Get to know robots – Understand robots – Build robots


A childhood dream comes true at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin: Students can register for the "Humanoid Robotics" degree program and build their own robots until July 15.


The bachelor program covers six semesters – students build robots right from the beginning of their studies. The practical relevance, which is deepened in research laboratories and companies, represents an important aspect of the degree program. In addition, essential digital topics are taught, such as machine learning.

Modules from the "Humanoid Robotics" degree program:


  • Fundamentals of robotics
  • Sensorimotor functions
  • Microcomputer technology
  • Kinematics, dynamics, and transmission technology
  • Bionics and bionic motion systems
  • Machine learning
  • Human-robot interaction


Brain City Berlin Ambassador Prof. Dr. Manfred Hild is a Professor of Digital Systems and Head of the Laboratory for Neurorobotics at the Institute for Computer Science of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. As a program advisor for "Humanoid Robotics", he answered three of our questions about the new study program.

Myon Robotics Beuth Hochschule

Short interview with Brain City Berlin Ambassador Prof. Dr. Manfred Hild


Brain City Berlin: Which social and economic role will humanoid robots play in the future?

Prof. Dr. Hild: Similar to the introduction of steam engines, electricity, the computer, mobile communications, and social networks, humanoid robots will also bring immense social and economic upheavals. Little by little, humanoid robots will be found in all areas: In factories as workers, in shops as service personnel, and in the home as domestic help, entertainment, and even as artificial caregivers.

Brain City Berlin: Why should aspiring academics choose the "Humanoid Robotics" degree program?

Prof. Dr. Hild: You can either passively notice new developments or you can actively shape the future. The new "Humanoid Robotics" degree program not only allows prospective academics to mechanically design, equip with electronics, and program robots, but also includes social, business, and legal aspects. In this program, we are educating self-confident personalities who will form their own, well-founded opinion on current trends and who will co-develop new developments responsibly.

Brain City Berlin: It is the first degree program of its kind: For whom is the course of study suitable and what should those interested bring with them?

Prof. Dr. Hild: The degree program was deliberately designed as a bachelor's degree program and is therefore suitable for anyone who has completed their A-Levels or has obtained the university of applied sciences entrance qualification from a combination of school and vocational training. Special knowledge is not required, these are taught during the course of study. On the other hand, a high degree of self-motivation and a willingness to perform are important, because the content of the very exciting study is broad and has a steep learning curve as early as the first week.

Myon – the famous robot of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Myon Roboter Studieren

Anyone who studies "humanoid robotics" will get to know an opera star. The FAZ, Der Spiegel, or Die Zeit have already reported on the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the humanoid robot Myon.

Most recently, when Myon took over the lead role in "My Square Lady" in a piece from the Komische Oper Berlin, it became a celebrity. Since its creation, Myon has constantly been learning – like a child who has to process its environment and impressions piece by piece.

"The degree program is designed explicitly for the Beuth University, because we have developed a unique platform here with the robot Myon, to which the degree program is bound," explains Prof. Hild in the magazine of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Students of humanoid robotics come into contact with Myon and the latest developments in artificial intelligence – such as ZAR5.

ZAR5 is the fifth evolution of a humanoid "muscle robot" whose name reflects its shape: Zwei-Arm-Roboter (i.e. Two-Arm Robot). ZAR5’s hand can effortlessly lift a raw egg or shake another hand – such as the hand of Federal Chancellor Dr. Merkel at the Hanover Messe 2006. ZAR5 was developed by Prof. Dr. Ivo Boblan – another Brain City Berlin Ambassador.


The motto of Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin is: “Study the future” – it couldn’t be more apt when it comes to robotics. Digitalization and artificial intelligence will be used in many areas of our lives. Anyone who wants to prepare for the future and the emerging fields of work in the "Humanoid Robotics" degree program is in good hands.