Summer Schools

Scientific Summer Schools in Berlin: Discover the city's culture and science landscape

Berlin is particularly popular with students from all over the world. During the semester breaks, the city's universities and universities of applied sciences offer international participants a broad and exciting range of courses with their Summer and Winter School programs. In addition, the students are given the unique opportunity to get to know life, culture and the excellent scientific landscape of Brain City Berlin. 

We regularly bundle the Summer and Winter School programs of all Berlin universities and universities of applied sciences on this page. This year the Summer School programs will largely be cancelled due to the corona pandemic. All facilities have switched to minimal operation since March 20, 2020.

The following universities in Brain City Berlin offer a reduced course program during semester break:


  • Freie Universität Berlin: Instead of the FUBiS summer term with face-to-face classes in Berlin, which was cancelled due to Corona, FUBiS offers interested participants an online program for the first time. The programme consists of online courses with the possibility of ECTS credit transfer as well as a public digital lecture series. The FUBiS online program includes offerings in the fields of sociology, art history, history, political science, economics, philosophy, and German. From July 20 to August 14, 2020, FUBiS offers several online courses with ECTS credits, which students are also encouraged to combine. Find more information here. 
  • Technische Universität Berlin: The courses of TU Berlin Summer University have been cancelled. Instead, the TU Berlin Summer University Online was launched. The program includes 6 online courses in August.
  • Universität der Künste Berlin: The online program of the Berlin Career College of the UdK Berlin will be successively expanded.
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: HU Berlin offers online courses during HUWISU Summer Session 1 (June 15 to July 10) and HUWISU Summer Session 2 (July 20 to August 14). The interdisciplinary online program primarily is aimed at students in the Bachelor's program. Some courses are open to Master and Ph.D. students. The application deadline is June 30, 2020.